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Food is the adhesive that binds us together. The lubricant that oils social interactions. It is an assortment of emotions. Every flavor packs a different feeling within. And holds the power to make or break our day. Eating fresh, pure and healthy food is what keeps us physically fit and emotionally healthy. It isn't so much about restricting our intake or depriving ourselves as much as consuming nutrient-rich foods that boost our energy. We at THE FLAVOUR TRAIL are passionate about bringing healthy, Organic Spices  Online, straight from the farm to your fork and our curiosity drives us to keep innovating and improving.

Passion and curiosity are the foundation stones on which THE FLAVOUR TRAIL stands tall. We are truly passionate about and appreciate fine quality, and our passion is matched only by our hunger to explore and innovate at every step of the trail. And that's the philosophy that gives our Organic Spices  its character.

This philosophy is embedded in our genes and forms the core of THE FLAVOUR TRAIL, the seed for which was sown in 1864 when the parent company Surn Singh Lachhman Singh laid down roots. Today, seven generations later, the Swani Family is thriving in the organic food and spices business through its commitment to quality, innovative outlook and unparalleled service.

On our journey towards excellence, we have set out on a road to chemical-free, organic practices that prevent climate change and promote biodiversity. Our sustainable farming practices and responsible sourcing has helped countless Indian farmers and women workers to live a life of dignity, while ensuring our Mother Earth is protected.

Our passion runs deep; we believe in giving back to the earth more than what we take from her. And are fueled by our spirit of intrigue to explore ways in which to optimise what we receive. Our wide variety of organic food offerings include traditional and new-age spice blends like Achari Gosht Masala, Amritsari Chole Masala, Bombay Cutting Chai Masala, Fiery Peri Peri Masala, Fish Masala, Royal Garam Masala Meat Masala, Grandma's Organic Kadha Blend, Udupi Sambar Masala, Tandoori Chiken Masala Powder Mumbai Pav Bhaji Masala, etc. These blends impart a flavour and aroma to your food that comes from carefully and patiently slow-roasting organic whole spices, grinding them individually, and then creating the perfect and uniquely flavoured blend.

So whether you're preparing pickles, cooking curries or meat gravies, sambar, fried fish, some barbecue or just plain-old dosas, use our spice blends to give your dishes a surprising twist. What's more, you can make tea-time extra special with our Bombay Cutting Chai Masala or even give it a healthy spin with our Grandma's Organic Kadha Blend!

Your health and wellness are as much our priority as they are yours. Our spice blends are pesticide-free, sustainably farmed, hygienically processed and steam-sterilized. We ensure all global food safety regulations are met, thereby bringing superior taste and quality to your kitchen, prioritizing your health above all else. We are certified by several Indian and international governing bodies like India Organic, INDOCERT, FSMA, BRC Food, RSA-SEDEX, Sustainable Agriculture, USDA Organic, NABL, Food Safety System Certification 22000, and more.

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