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For all the health-conscious, health-aware and experimental foodies out there

Didn’t we all grow up hearing "We are what we eat." Though portrayed differently in different cultures, it always comes down to how your eating habits determine where you stand on the health and fitness scale. But is it just your dish that is responsible for your health? Here’s a recap on the origin of your foods:

Food Step

But are we still following the same guidelines anymore? With increasing advancement in the field of agriculture, while it increases the production rate, but it is slowly reducing the fertility of soils thus eventually causing poor crop yields.

The Flavour Trail

a brainchild of Swani Group

A family-owned enterprise has an unwavering commitment to quality and service, it is our mission to not only benefit the customers but also ensure development of the farmer who is responsible for the crop that yields.


Agriculture is an important sector of Indian Economy that contributes about 17% to total GDP and provides employment to about 60% of the population, yet it does not receive the due deserved. Farmers have been trapped in debts for over years. With lack of awareness about various farming techniques that is unavailable to farmers, Over-Farming and Flood Irrigation is still a challenge faced by farmers in major parts of India. To provide people with the superior quality product that they deserve and attending to farmer’s troubles at the same time, The Flavour Trail and Swani Group has been diligently working with farmers by providing them with financial support, training them in processes like substitute farming and sprinkler irrigation. By following a set of operations like provision of agricultural products to farmers on interest-free loans, soil testing, soil balancers and educational training about various sustainability techniques from time to time to ensure that each crop is grown organically and efficient in nature.

Along with Farming, with a state-of-art machinery at the factory that ensures effervescent functioning; we ensure that our products are stored in a highly sterile environment to prevent any kind of adulteration.

Our range of organic foods that include spices, seeds and blends, are pesticide-free, sustainably farmed, hygienically processed and steam-sterilized. We ensure all global food safety regulations are met, thereby bringing superior taste and quality to your kitchen, prioritizing your health above all else. THE FLAVOUR TRAIL, much like its range of organic products, has always been a rich stew of vintage values, tomorrow’s technology, and a global presence

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