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Our masalas travel great distances from the farms they are grown in, all the way to your dinner table.
Hands are changed, and so are processes. The farmer sows the seed, nurtures it with nothing but pure, natural care, until the spices are ready to be harvested. No chemical fertilisers or pesticides are used and our farmers are encouraged to follow sustainable practices like substitute farming, sprinkler irrigation, soil balancing, etc.

A lot of meticulous effort goes into empowering our farmers with new-age agriculture techniques. These include composting, soil testing, re-enrichment, rebalancing nutrients in the soil in a sustainable way, and ensuring nitrogen from natural elements are absorbed into the soil and not released into the atmosphere. Our backward integration program, which is Rainforest Alliance and Organic Certified, is the ‘Land to Lab’ concept designed to bridge the gap between agriculture, science and technology. We have initiated sustainable farming across the states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Rajasthan, etc. Our efforts have improved the livelihoods of over 3,000 farmers.

From farm to your fork

Also, through our sustainable farming practices, we have been able to curtail and optimise the usage of natural resources, the most valuable of them being water. Through a complex network of supply, our farmers are now equipped to grow more food using just a fraction of the water compared to other cultivating practices.

The organic products are then collected and passed on to our processing units, where a skilled manforce and state-of-the-art machinery is used to patiently roast, carefully grind, perfectly blend and package them for distribution. All our seeds, spices and blends are stored in a highly sterile and hygienic environment to prevent any kind of adulteration.

Farm chilli

Finally, they arrive at a store near you where you’re mystically drawn to their aroma, or directly at your doorstep if you buy them online.

Along the journey, a lot goes on to ensure that nothing does! Through cutting edge technology and end-to-end visibility, we make sure that the entire supply chain of our organic products remains as pure, natural and unadulterated as our masalas. Machine-to-machine communication and data monitoring from sensors work round the clock to keep an eye on temperature and humidity and maintain them at an optimum level.

All our packages, at each level are tagged with RFID, barcodes and trackers so that they can be remotely monitored, thus guaranteeing complete traceability of our organic products. At every step, we strive to bridge the gap between rural agriculture, technology, and agricultural science as well as delivering value throughout the supply chain. Through this, we have been able to achieve minimal to zero food wastage.

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And that’s why, each one of The Flavour Trail’s packs comes with a QR code at the back, which you can scan to trace our masalas back to their origin – a happy farmer who thanks you!

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